We are Bleed — a multi-disciplinary design consultancy based in Oslo Norway and Vienna Austria. We create identity and experience through concept development, art direction, graphic design and service design. Representing a mix of cultures and disciplines to challenge today’s conventions around art, visual language, interaction, media and identity.

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A year in a newspaper! December 20th, 2013


To celebrate the end of another creative year with amazing clients, we treated ourself with a newsprint with overview of some of the many outputs of 2013. Here is a snapshot of that before we leave for the holidays :)

Merry Xmas & A Happy New Year!


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Launching new site for IARK December 18th, 2013

Iark_desktop Iark_mobile

We already did the identity and are now proud to launch the brand new site for IARK! A successful collaboration presenting the company in details, going through the projects and their process as well as the collaborators, and their insights.

100% responsive modular grid system, in depth employees presentations, project thoroughly documented, everything was built to give the visitor a clear idea of the quality of IARK‘s work.

Don’t forget to check out the timeline, or the Vision journal, displaying the latest updates of a very lively company!

Check it out here!

Design by Bleed
Development by our friends at Lundgren + Lundqvist
Texts by Jonas Parmann

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Formulæ perfume identity October 28th, 2013


Formulæ is an Oslo-based perfume brand and creative collective. Sharing a great passion for their work, they focus on a traditional, hand-made approach while paying close attention to details. Using unorthodox combinations Formulæ aims at creating unique scents with a high-end feel.The visual concept for their identity is inspired by the past, when perfume was once a healthcare product only sold in pharmacies. The visual language of healthand medicine products, which is direct and serves the sole purpose to inform, was used to create a recognisable identity with a repertoire of few graphic elements.

Formulæ custom font – BB PerfumeA neo-grotesque monospaced font made exclusively for Formulæ. It is based on the evenly-spaced grid of old letter boards (mostly found at store entrances in the distant past). The font only consists of capital letters and is intended for use on headlines and shorter passages of text.

Check it out here!

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New identity for djuice October 25th, 2013

djuice_stationery djuice_ipads

Branding for djuice, a provider for mobile phone services and daughter of Telenor. Our new design concept allows a fresh approach to the brand. It now communicates the main values: simple, honest, nice.

The main principles are flat and colorful shapes combined with strong and sympathetic typography. In combination with a smart communication concept from TRY and splendid clay animations from Animasjonsdepartementet: a real success!

See more here!

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More awards! June 10th, 2013


Amazing night for Bleed at European Design Awards this weekend. 6 awards in total; Gold for bleed.com , Silver for andreaskleiberg.no, Bronze for alumind.com and grafill.no and Finalist to coop-himmelblau.at and Norwegian Ambassador packaging!

We are very proud!

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Website for Oslo real estate agent IHUS April 30th, 2013


Some years ago we gave IHUS a new identity, this time around we launch their new website. Never before have a real estate agent looked this fresh, check it out!

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Identity and web for ByCo April 2nd, 2013






ByCo is a new microfinancing company based in New York. Byco combines old-fashioned capitalism with crowd-funding principles. But instead of a perk, investors receive 10 percent of sales, depending on how much they put in. And the designer, who receives 20 percent of sales — or 30 percent if he or she is the sole investor — doesn’t have to deal with manufacturing, distribution and sales.

Bleed designed the corporate identity and web.

You can read more about it in this recent article in New York Times.

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Bleed vs The Ministry of Health March 8th, 2013

SluttaOn behalf of The Ministry of Health we have done the product development and design of an app to help you quit your harmful nicotine addiction. The app´s popularity has exceeded all expectations. Since its strategic new year launch Slutta has been downloaded by 49.000 young smokers and snus- users and the numbers keep rising. Download for iOS here and Android here.

From the client (In norwegian)

Da Helsedirektoratet startet opp arbeidet med å styrke røykeslutt og snusslutt for unge, trengte vi en samarbeidspartner på design og helhetstenkning, samt sparringspartner på hva som var mulige veier å gå for å få til gode tilbud for unge.

Slike prosjekter krever ofte stor fleksibilitet da forutsetninger endres underveis. Det har også vært flere andre utviklere på banen, så Bleed har hatt mange parter å forholde seg til.

Gjennom godt samarbeid har Bleed og Helsedirektoratet fått på plass struktur og design for utvikling av app først og fremst, men også designelementer for nett. Appen er laget både for Android og iPhone, og omhandler både røyk og snus. Det er første gang i historien det lages en app som også handler om snusslutt, så Norge er foregangsland på dette. Appen har vært en stor suksess, og første måned ble den lastet ned over 49.000 ganger! Omtaler fra brukerne tyder på at de er meget fornøyde med design, og det er allerede mange som har sluttet med tobakk ved bruk av appen.

Helsedirektoratet er meget fornøyd med samarbeidet med Bleed, og mener de er fleksible, fremtidsrettet og velvillige. De viser god forståelse for arbeid med offentlig instans, og viser meget gode evner til å omstille seg i arbeidet.

Ove Jørgensen – Helsedirektoratet



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Norwegian Design Council Xmas movie December 20th, 2012

Soundwaves moving Christmas stuff. We made this nice Xmas greeting for the Norwegian Design Council. Enjoy!
Also watch the behind the scenes clip to see how it was done.


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Say himmelb(l)au! November 19th, 2012

We just launched the spanking new website for Coop Himmelb(l)au, one of the worlds leading architecture offices, located in Vienna and Los Angeles. Their range and quality of work is impressive, which was a great motivation and inspiration for us!

The website is a mix of an experimental front and intuitive content pages. For the frontpage we picked up an architectural approach of Coop Himmelb(l)au, which is the structure of clouds. You can drag a cloud of items and freely explore their latest work and updates. If you prefer to keep it simple, you’ll love the rest of the site. It focuses on their rich content, and allows users to get deep into CHBL’s world. Check out why architecture must blaze, how dolphins become architecture and all other things you need to know about Coop Himmelb(l)au here.

Programming by flawless Værsågod.

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