Exhibition date 08.01-18.01 2009.

Over a period of two weeks ‘car pathologists’ from the Norwegian environmental foundation Bellona have cut two cars in half.

A Volkswagen Touran from 2007 and a Passat from 1988 have been dismantled down to the very smallest component – a spectacular process, captured on camera by the photographer Knut Bry. The purpose of this auto-dissection was to reveal which environmental toxins a car contains, inform the public about these toxins and persuade the authorities to change the regulations governing the recycling of cars.

The sight of a car turned “inside out” gives us all an insight into how huge and hazardous the mountain of waste we leave behind us really is. This exhibition presents the findings of the ‘car pathologists’ in the form of statistics, photographs and authentic car wrecks, some pressed flat, and others dangling from the roof of the exhibition hall at Doga. Bleed made the presentation material, posters and invitations. All photos by Knut Bry.