We are proud to present the new visual identity created for international architectural firm, Snøhetta.

Snøhetta came to us requesting an updated visual profile, and by initiating a workshop and workgroup we had a process where we established their specific needs and focuses. A focus on the clean, Scandinavian outlook, together with their strong environmental focus would make up the base for the identity.

The logo itself is a clean logotype, based on the new profile typography. As part of the printed profile the Snøhetta-symbol has been modified and deconstructed, and is used throughout, as a part of a scripted pattern of one of Snøhetta’s signature buildings.

The colour scheme used in the printed profile, is gathered from the colours around the mountain Snøhetta, and picks up the different seasonal colours. The profile is made more playful and individual by each person choosing their own colour. This is set up in a combination to strict typographic lay out on the front, and as a secondary element on the back the pattern is foiled in icy white foil on white paper. All the paper and print houses used are environmentally friendly and Nordic eco-label certified.

Check it out in our portfolio!