A branding and redefining of a 1980’s Architectural icon by Architect Geir Grung, known as the IBM-building, 10 minutes outside of Oslo, in rural surroundings.

The building is now taken over by Aspelin Ramm, a company that develop, manage and maintain properties, and are in the process of reviving the entire construction and facilities. And open it up to new companies and tenants, besides IBM. This process is underway, but it will take several years for all the interior and exterior upgrades to be done.


The profile contains logo, website, brochure, advertising, graphic pattern, interior signage, exterior signage and a colour spectre. The logo drawn up is based around Swiss typography, and the structural angles of the buildings architecture is also replicated in the logo-symbol. The logo-symbol is designed with the intent of being filled with images of content relevant to Rosenholm Campus. It’s a platform to show the diversity of the place, and eventually even be filled with art-installations and nature scenes. As the importance of communicating the new facilities and upgrades out to the audience was critical to receive new tenants, this was also the initial first focus. Both advertising and website was made to communicate the same message, and emphasis was initially put on the green and unique surroundings, combined with the plans of upgrading the facilities and space.


Graphic patterns made for the profile is based on the triangular shapes of the architecture of Rosenholm Campus. The triangles are set up in the form of a pentagon, and these can take on the form of larger and more complex patterns. The pattern is set up to compliment the identity as a secondary element, and have a wide use of areas for implementation. View the website.